Volunteer Update

No, we haven’t forgotten about you, our amazing volunteers. The time required to acquire our latest property from the City of Marble Falls was far greater than expected. The good news is that the survey and other documentation needed to divide our latest purchase into three buildable lots went to the city this afternoon. The city will then issue us the street addresses (BTW, the property is on Avenue M between 1st and 2nd Street). Once we have street addresses, PEC will provide power and the city will provide water. All have indicated a willingness to expedite the process for us. With addresses and a completed survey, we can also go out for bids for earthwork, foundation, and in-slab plumbing. FINALLY!

As we get these last couple of details sorted out, we will send out email notices and update our website and Facebook page.

Thank you for you continued support.

Willie Reinders, President
Highland Lakes Habitat for Humanity