Perry’s House Build Status

I am quite certain that you are wondering, “What in the world is going on with our next (house) build?”  As my last communique suggested, things actually are happening but the wheels sometimes grind slowly.  Okay, sometimes very slowly.

Note: Reverend George and Linda Perry, we haven’t forgotten you — honest.


Here is the latest:

  1. We need more soil on the sites in order to get out of the floodplain.  Before we obtain this soil, it must “work” with the existing soil.  Therefore, the City of Marble Falls and the engineer require a “geotechnical analysis” of the proposed soil.  Thanks to volunteer Harry Born, this analysis is now complete (with his son-in-law’s intervention and help).
  2. The City of Marble Falls and engineer have agreed upon the basis of a drainage plan design.  Last Friday’s rain allowed them to watch exactly how the water flowed. (This has been a large concern from the beginning.)
  3. The next steps?  1) Finalize that drainage plan, 2) deliver the remaining soil ( about 100 cubic yards more), and  3) grade and compact it.  Then?  We will be able to form and pour the foundations.
  4. Although we still intend to build one house at a time, we plan to pour both foundations at once.  This will allow a better unit price and it will hold everything in place until we’re ready to build the next house next year.
  5. We’re reluctant to forecast a start date (there are still too many moving parts), but we can smell the start.

We will do our best to keep you up-to-date and in-the-loop.  In the meanwhile, enjoy this last blast of spring.  Thanks for your patience.


Chris Keffeler
Director, HLH Communication

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